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A Welcoming Place…

featuring encaustic printmaking—creating original one-of-a-kind prints with warmed pigmented beeswax and lovely paper.

Enter the door with a spirit of exploration and a huge fun factor.

Start each day with a spirit of adventure to encourage discovery.

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“We think you should rename your workshop

‘Encaustic-Crack’ because it is so addicting!”

— K.S. & M.C.B, workshop participants


Encaustic Printmaking

a process of creating original one-of-a-kind prints with pigmented beeswax and paper.

a unique medium for digging in, stirring up the pot, fiddling, exploring, constructing, discovering.

I am thrilled when I watch my students, many of whom have never previously created art, come to a place of meditation, relaxation and pure joy while they print.


“Victoria gave one of the most educational and fun workshops I've taken in years.
She is very generous with her information and supplies.”

— B.D.B, workshop participant


Playing. Discovering. Relaxing. Exploring. Expressing. Letting Go.

Finding Little Bits of Joy. Just plain HAVING FUN.

A time of stress release.


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I believe the “mud-pie-time” qualities of Encaustic Printmaking facilitate creative thought, a perfect safe space allowing personal ideas to come to the fore-front, where inspiration is born. As a professional mixed media artist, I crave that metaphorical “mud-pie-time.” For me, the process is all about plunging into new ideas. 

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Contemporary collages: using encaustic printmaking, urban photography, abstract calligraphy—with wax, ink, paper and fabric.

My personal goal is to start each day with a spirit of adventure to encourage discovery. Creating mixed-media collages with rustic texture and atmospheric fields and finding new ways to make individual marks on my beeswax prints, reflect my love of calligraphy, texture and pattern.