Future Home of the new Curly Girl Art Studio

I am beginning to get excited. This is the spot where my new artist working studio will be going. The beautiful, yet dilapidated raised bed garden came down (time to support the local farmers market instead) and make-shift posts have been placed at the 4 corners marking the outer edges of the studio.

I would never compare myself to anyone displaced due to natural disasters or financial ruin, but I didn’t expect to be here. This has been a topsy turvy year. I am positive I am not the only one. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and we can pay our bills. And now we have moved to a piece of property where just about every surface of the home needs work of some sort. But I stand in the middle of this acre, breath in the ocean air, the morning mist and the smell of fir trees. All I can say is that the place has excellent “ju-ju”. People of all sorts — construction workers, neighbors, former owners, the propane guy — randomly say to me “this place feels good”. And it does. I am simply happy to be here and grateful for this unexpected UP-ROOTING.