The Wall of Love Part 2

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On the back side of the wall, the bookcases allow tons of room for supplies!

On the back side of the wall, the bookcases allow tons of room for supplies!


Well, we built it.  And I love it.

As a reminder of my blog “The Wall of Love (Part 1)”, I mentioned that the city required us to build a wall smack in the middle of my studio in order to separate the student area from my work area.  I was quite dismayed due to the cost, having floor electrical outlets specified for a different worktable plan, a window that sat right where the wall was to be installed and my heating/cooling unit sat at one end of the studio but needed to heat/cool the entire space. Also, I found out about the wall a day after I had completely moved in…which meant I’d have to move everything two more times – once to clear an area to build the wall and one last time to put everything in new locations!

But my husband possesses extraordinary vision. He designed a wall with glass-less windows to allow air flow and light from the windows on all 4 sides of the building.  He designed the wall so it didn’t interfere with the floor electrical and also engineered an alcove in the wall to bypass that window.

And I must admit, I purposely made a shift. I transformed my disappointment (after I stewed in for way too long) to a positive viewpoint by calling it the “Wall of Love… a place to hang lovingly made art by myself and my students”.  The shift was difficult and necessary - once I started announcing it as the Wall of Love, it just felt GOOD.  And eventually it felt RIGHT.  And finally, it felt SATISFYING.

 I love the uniqueness of the “windows”, the long wall to hang art, and the back side of the wall contains 8 tall bookcases.  I have no idea where I stored all those supplies before the wall went up!

All in all, success.  And it will ALWAYS be called the Wall of LOVE.

Stop by the studio and linger awhile.

And now… its time to work on Steve’s woodworking shop!