Beginning Encaustic Printmaking 



Creating monotypes (one-of-a-kind prints) with pigmented beeswax and paper on a professional heated aluminum palette; this technique creates gentle surprises and aha moments, resulting in beautiful abstracted images, patterns and representational images.



These classes are designed for several different situations (Prior Encaustic experience not required):

  • For the artist interested specifically in encaustics and printmaking, OR

  • For the artist who wants to loosen up and explore, OR

  • For anyone who wants to explore and express, OR

  • For anyone interested in a weekend experience.


Playing. Discovering. Relaxing. Exploring. Expressing. Letting Go.

Finding Little Bits of Joy. Just plain HAVING FUN. A time of stress release.

“I finally found a way to express my “art”.

I love color but really can't draw or paint so the class was such a gift to me.”

—SS, workshop participant

ONE & two DAY Beginning encaustic printmaking WORKSHOPS

Choose the one-day class to get a quick taste of the medium.

Choose the two-day workshop to have a deeper experience.

FEE of $185 for a one day class and

$350 for A two day CLASS INCLUDES:

All Supplies (that’s a deal!):

  • A variety of professional and hand made pigmented beeswax

  • Endless use of sumi-e paper, text papers

  • One mat for your prints (choose from 8x10 or 11x14) and several greeting cards

  • Go home with all your prints rolled up (fits in your suitcase!)

  • (For the two day workshop, receive an additional mat and greeting cards, 2 sheets Extravorganza, scroll paper, and additional special waxes)

  • The use of the heated palette equipment

  • The use of a wide variety of tools

  • Aprons available

  • Work space in a fabulous 1,000 sq ft studio

  • No need to buy any supplies


Limited class size.


Classes are generally on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 – 4:00 but my new schedule will include mid-week classes.


Victoria will give instruction through demonstrations throughout the day, but wants to allow you as much time to print as possible. Once your fee is paid, she will send out a detailed information sheet with further details (what type of clothes to wear, parking instructions, etc.)


Full payment is required. IF you need to cancel, you may gift the class to a friend; please notify me who will be attending in your place. If you cancel prior to one month before the class day, I will refund 50% of your full deposit, IF I am able to find a replacement for you by the use of a waiting list. If you cancel within one month prior to class, your full payment in NON-REFUNDABLE. As an additional option, I will keep a scholarship list, and I would be willing to offer your spot (with no refund) to someone in that life space, if you so desire.

If the minimum enrollment of 3 is not met and the artist needs to cancel, you will be notified 2 weeks prior to class; you may apply your fees to a future class, or receive a refund of class fees paid. In the rare situation that a class is cancelled by the artist, you may apply your fees to a future class, or receive a refund of class fees paid.

Any costs incurred by the student such as airfare and lodging will not be replaced if the student or the artist cancels. If you are booking a plane ticket, please feel free to contact me to find out if the class minimum has been met. Also check with me if you have a cancellation date of lodging and want to know if minimum enrollment has been met.

Upon submitting payment, you hold Victoria Foster Harrison of Curly Girl Art Studios free from any liability in the event of loss or accidental injury or death, illness or health condition, flight or lodging cancellations, war and natural disasters. Victoria Foster Harrison of Curly Girl Art Studios is not responsible for any illness, new or pre-existing, or damage sustained while participating in her workshops or classes. 


If you are interested in attending a workshop, and it is full, please email me at as I do keep a waiting list.


I do not offer scholarships at this time. However if a paid student needs to cancel their spot, they have the option to offer their space to someone on the scholarship list. Please email me at if you know someone who cannot swing the workshops financially but would love to take a workshop, and would like to be placed on the Scholarship List (no guarantees of placement).


Yes, I offer private classes. Please contact me at to arrange.


Brewed coffee, hot tea, iced tea, water and afternoon snacks provided.

Please bring a sack lunch or I will provide local places to grab something quickly. I prefer to have lunch together to get know each other better (if possible), and leave breaks for personal time to catch up with phone calls and such.



I believe each person has creativity inside of them…and that creativity is ideas put into action.

I believe people are creative in how they follow their passions.

I believe that not everyone has powerful creativity that comes naturally, but I believe everyone has bits & pieces of creativity at minimum; I am respectful of the bravery of someone who takes an art class for the first time.

I believe creativity is about exploring, discovery, testing out, taking risks, pushing limits, analyzing & letting go at the same time. 

I believe that creativity starts with the two words “WHAT IF?”

I believe that creativity comes in endless forms…home décor, crafts, science, gardening, woodworking, marketing, fiber arts, architecture, yes—bookkeeping (leaving no stone unturned), landscape design, computer science, and on and on.

I believe Encaustic Printmaking is an amazing place to feel the freedom of making mistakes, without rules and without “shoulds.” It is a platform for feeling safe in the art world.

“That was such a fun class!
Working with wax the way you taught us makes the process so creative and free. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful space!”

—MM, workshop participant



Victoria is designing Advanced classes, and will require a one-day encaustic printmaking class from her or another teacher as a requirement.


  • Open Studio Time for Encaustic Printmakers (print alongside me, not a workshop)

  • Mark-Making on Paper with Inks + More…& Asemic Writing (not a printmaking class)

  • Adhesives for Encaustic Prints & Framing Options

  • The Rubbish…or NOT Class (don’t throw those prints away!)

  • Collage with Encaustic Prints

  • Encaustic Printmaking: Focus - Landscapes and Plant Forms

  • Encaustic Printmaking: Abstract Compositions

  • Encaustic Print Applications: Weaving & Folding & Sewing

  • Encaustic Printmaking: Yummy Papers

  • Photo Transfers and Encaustic



Curly Girl Art Studio is located in Port Townsend, WA.

Specific location information will be sent to you upon paid registration.