Student Testimonials

“Isn’t it amazing how instantaneously folks fall in love with encaustics once they see the process and results? I really believe it is because it makes instant artists out of anyone. There are the procedural rules of process to follow of course, then comes the creation and that is very free flowing and organic, with very few rules to dictate and influence the result. More importantly, every example always has a component within it that speaks to its creator; that alone becomes something they can look at with pride of having created.” —A.A.

“I took a great class in August from Victoria Harrison to further my understanding of encaustic mono printing. Incredible class with patient and attentive instruction. Vicky shared her many beautiful pigments and we were allowed to print as many mono prints as we desired. Also, for me it was important to learn about displaying our works once completed. Vicky did a great job supplying us with the materials and we left with completed works. I can’t wait to take another class with Vicky!” —K.G.

“Victoria gave one of the most educational and fun workshops I've taken in years. She is very generous with her information and supplies. Encaustic Printmaking is a form of art that is very freeing and allows your creativity to go beyond your expectation (so much fun). Victoria is the best teacher and so special.” —B.D.B

“I recently attended Victoria Foster Harrison's Encaustic Printmaking two-day workshop. I found the experience exceeded my expectations. Victoria is an intuitive teacher who easily senses the needs of her students. I recommend this workshop to any artist interested in pushing the boundaries of their art. I fell in love with encaustic printmaking, this workshop helped me discover the freedom of expression that I have been searching for in my art.” —S.G.

Through your class I finally found a way to express my “art.” I love color but really can’t draw or paint so the class was such a gift to me.” —S.S., May Artfest 2018

“That was such a fun class! Working with wax the way you taught us makes the process so creative and free. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful space!” —M.M.

“Taking a workshop with Vicky is a study in generosity. She gives her students access to all of her papers and waxes and then stands back and enjoys watching you have fun. I’ve taken a lot of workshops and this one was by far one of my favourites. I learned so much!” —M.S., Encaustic & Mixed Media Artist

“Loved your class and felt successful and encouraged, which I've never felt before in an art class!!! This was a gift.” —J.S.

Ps: in that string of praise for your teaching skills I forgot to add, “not intimidated,” most of all! Starting the class by telling us “First rule—embrace the ugly (“embrace the crap”) because I guarantee you, you will make it!” was brilliant. And ending with a scroll that had us working non-stop for a long stretch was very good too.”

“A much bigger thanks for introducing me to encaustic monoprints. I’m still learning...I know I always will continue to learn...but I’m liking what I produce more every day...but you were the catalyst and for that I will always be grateful.” —S.L.

“We think you should rename your workshop “ENCAUSTI-CRACK” because it is so addicting!” —K.S. & M.C.B.